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Americans behind a new innovation and investment-centric energy agenda to drive rapid technological development


the nation’s leaders and general public about the benefits of strong advanced energy innovation and competitiveness policy


pragmatic policy entrepreneurs with a platform to develop and advance their proposals at the national scale.


One of the things you can do when looking to make a reasonable financial decision is to invest in green energy home. You can buy your own building and rent it out either as a home or for business purpose. If the market demand in your area is favourably, you can turn the property into a passive source of income. Houses and landed property remains one of the easiest types of investment anyone can make. You don't have to be a financial analyst to excel; all you need is enough money and some basic knowledge about the rental market in your local area. Before considering how to go about your investment property tax, you can start to consider the costs of owning your own property and consult a professional Tax Return North Sydney agent.

The cost of purchasing your own investment property

There are several expenses involved in purchasing a new house or building. If you have an investment property already, then you might be aware of these costs. For someone looking to buy an investment property, these are some of the expenses you are expected to incur:

  • Fees associated with conveyance
  • Search fees
  • Building reports
  • Stamp fees
  • Actual cost
  • Owning and managing an investment property

Expert tax accountants noting, that after purchasing the investment property, you are in the stage of following its management. Several costs make up the expenses and maintenance of the building; some of them are listed below:

  • Payment for water supply
  • Land tax
  • Expenses on repairs and daily maintenance
  • Agent fees (if you are not directly managing the property by yourself)

Management expenses

You can hire a property agent to manage your property if necessary but that will lead to more expenses which can be avoided when you decide to manage the property by yourself and be ready to do all the hard work on your own. Everything with regards to sourcing for customers, making repairs and keeping the house and its surroundings in acceptable condition will entirely be under you followup . You activities are required to be in accordance with existing regulations on property ownership and management.

Taking care of repairs

We have already mentioned repairs earlier. The cost for maintenance and repairs of the investment property make up the running cost of the building, thus they may be included in your budget when planning to procure property. Make sure that there are no leaks or any malfunctioning device. Replace anything that is not working. Every part of the building is required to be in order. You don’t want your tenants complaining of anything. When repairs are too much; then consider renovating the property. This may also help you to attract more customers which you can take advantage of by increasing rent.


The most effective part to consider when buying an investment property is the amount of turnout you expect to get at the end of the day, saying tax return Melbourne accountants. The income you expect may outweigh the cost of the property and the expenses incurred in its management and maintenance. If it is not possible to recover what you are spending within a while, then the investment is not a professional one. Even after buying property, check to know if you have the capacity to cover all the expenses before the money starts rolling in.


There are several things that can make up a tax return for an investment property. Depending on whether you borrowed to buy the building or you used your own money, there are certain deductions that you are expected to make when completing a tax back. For an investment property purchased with a loan, most expenses you incur may be about paying the mortgage. If your earnings is more than all the expenses you made to buy the property and maintain it, then you are required to pay tax from the income; this is translated to your rental income. This is what is called positive gearing, according to tax return Sydney accountants.. In the case where your rental income is less than the cost of buying property and management, then you have negative gearing. If you hired an agent to manage the investment property, then you can make deductions on the management fees.  It is of high effect to note that any renovation on property after purchase is not tax deductible.