Today, President Obama delivered one of his largest speeches on math, science, and technology education since his speech at the National Academy of Sciences in April, where he announced RE-ENERGYSE. He announced a new initiative called Educate to Innovate. According to the White House:

“President Obama has launched an “Educate to Innovate” campaign to improve the participation and performance of America’s students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This campaign will include efforts not only from the Federal Government but also from leading companies, foundations, non-profits, and science and engineering societies to work with young people across America to excel in science and math.”

During the speech (see full transcript), Obama also reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to RE-ENERGYSE:

The National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, under the leadership of a terrific scientist, Steven Chu, have launched an initiative to inspire tens of thousands of students to pursue careers in clean energy.”

He closed with the following:

“There is a hunger for knowledge [around the world], an insistence on excellence, a reverence for science and math and technology and learning. That used to be what we were about. That’s what we’re going to be about again… This nation wasn’t built on greed. It wasn’t built on reckless risk. It wasn’t built on short-term gains and short-sighted policies. It was forged of stronger stuff by bold men and women who dared to invent something new or improve something old, who took big chances on big ideas, who believed that in America all things are possible. That’s our history. And if we remain fixed on the work ahead, and if we build on the progress we’ve made to date, this is going to be our legacy as well.”


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