Americans for Energy Leadership (AEL) was founded at Stanford University in 2009 as the country’s first organization led by young people working to develop and advance a national clean energy innovation agenda. Over the past year, AEL has established a national voice through the following activities:

  • Organized and co-hosted an energy conference and student roundtable at Stanford University with U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and DOE Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, among others; the conference reached 2,000 direct attendants, and live video was featured at and the DOE homepage, receiving nearly 150,000 views.
  • Organized a nation-wide campaign in support of clean energy science and engineering education, including a letter to Congress from over 100 university student governments, representing more than one million students; the campaign helped advance DOE’s RE-ENERGYSE proposal, and signatories included Historically Black Colleges & Universities.
  • Hosted a 10-week summer fellowship program in Washington, DC with seven top young clean energy leaders, including a two-week training program; the fellows engaged in energy policy research, development, commentary, and outreach. Upcoming AEL reports include one on green mercantilism with ITIF, DOD energy innovation, university energy innovation, and more.
  • Generated media coverage in numerous outlets, including New York Times Dot Earth, Time Magazine, Discovery Channel, The New Republic, Forbes, Miller-McCune Magazine, University Business News, Good Magazine, The Stanford Daily, and other sources. On multiple occasions, NYT Dot Earth cited AEL’s ideas as representing a new agenda for U.S. energy policy, and Time Magazine featured AEL in the Special History Cover Story.
  • Produced a joint policy report with Breakthrough Institute, “The Power to Compete,” providing the first independent analysis of how the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act would impact U.S. clean energy innovation; the report was used by the American Energy Innovation Council for Congressional and White House meetings.
  • Provided ongoing energy policy news coverage and commentary on our blog and in several publications, including National Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes, Grist, Stanford Daily, DailyKos, Stanford Review, and elsewhere, along with a national television appearance on RT America.
  • Contributed to high-level policy forums at the White House, Department of Energy, Aspen Institute, Senate briefings, Bipartisan Policy Center, Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, Energy Sciences Coalition, and elsewhere.
  • AEL’s founder co-authored a widely-acclaimed report by the Breakthrough Institute and ITIF, called “Rising Tigers, Sleeping Giant,” providing the first comprehensive benchmark of clean energy competitiveness in the U.S. and Asia; it generated widespread coverage, including features by Time’s “Top 10 Green Ideas of 2009” and by the National Academies’ Issues in Science & Technology journal.