6 Creative Bathroom Color Ideas (For All Occasions)


Neutral Colors for Bathroom

Choosing the right colors while designing a dream home is definitely a very important thing. Choosing colors involves accuracy and carefulness to ensure that your house will look beautiful and getting the right bathroom color ideas is no exception.

To get the most out of your bathroom, the choice of paint you’re going to use is the most budget-friendly and easiest way. A touch of color will change the atmosphere and feeling of a bathroom.

The Choices of Neutral Colors

For those who like chic and simple design, it is very recommended to use white as the primary color of bathroom. Applying white will give a clean, bright, and spacious effect and this is very useful in case you are looking for small bathroom ideas.

To ensure that your bathroom doesn’t look monotonous, add some details such as vanity mirror, flower vase, or storage. Consider getting wooden accessories such as hangers to add a natural touch.

Moreover, if industrial style is your choice, it is very recommended to use grey as your main color scheme. Grey gives an elegant and hi-tech vibe, and this is proven by the usage of grey in most modern dwellings in the city.

Lavender and Purple

Lavender is a bluish light purple color. This color will give an elegant and feminine vibe to ant room, including the bathroom. If you choose this color for bathroom, avoid adding pastel and pink details as it will cancel out the luxurious feel you are trying to achieve. For the best results, combine lavender with darker colors, such as black and royal purple.

Sage Light

Sage light is a washed-out color that really suits to be applied in bathroom because it will make anyone in the room feels comfortable and relaxed. You can combine sage light with white or grey. Add some wooden decorations to give a warm, tranquilizing vibe.

Black, White, and Brown

Black is often avoided when choosing bathroom color ideas because it might make the room feel dark. However, when it is designed well, the color will actually make your bathroom stand out. Here’s how to use black in your bathroom:

  • Apply on one side of the walls as an accent.
  • Use lighter colors on the other sides.
  • Choose light colored flooring material.

Gold, Blue and Brown

If you really want that luxurious and glamorous feel, the combination of dark blue and gold will do the trick. Don’t forget to use adequate lighting to make the bathroom feel more spacious.

If you have a classical styled house with some ethnic accents, choosing green and brown as your bathroom scheme is an excellent choice. Since brown is an earthy toned color, choose furniture and other decorations with contrasting color, such as green or blue. It is also recommended to add some white color to the bathroom.

Bright Colors

Moreover, use also the bright color scheme for the bathroom color ideas. Pink, orange and white are the most suitable combination for those who seek a bright and cheerful vibe. These three can be applied on the walls completed with white furniture.

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