David Cameron, the Modern and Liberal Prime Minister of United Kingdom


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David Cameron was one of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. He was member of Conservative Party and gained reputation as he changed conservative view to be more liberal. He served from 2010 until 2016.

During his tenure as Prime Minister, he had done many things to ensure the nation’s sustainability. The country revolved during financial crisis and several referendums. The next section will explore more about his life, political career, legacy, and other works.

Early life and education

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He was born in 9 October 1966 in Marylebone, London. His family was upper-middle class in British society. His father is Donald Cameron and his mother is Mary Fleur.

He received education at early age. He attended Heatherdown School. After that, he went to Eton College in Berkshire. Next, he studied Politics in Brasenose College Oxford. During college year, he involved in several activities and received scholarship as well as joined few researches.

Career and Prime Minister

He started working after college in Conservative Research Development. He participated in several studies to support Conservative party. After that, he joined as advisor to the chancellor and Home Secretary.

He entered parliamentary candidate then gained Member of Parliament. He involved in several activities, including shadow minister. His reputation started to increase and elected as Prime Minister.

His era as Prime Minister was tough. Even though the Conservative was the majority and winning party, He still received resistant from opposition.


Conservative Party won election in 2015. However, David Cameron decided not to prolong his position as Prime Minister. He wanted new face, and Theresa may was elected as his successor.

After Premiership, he kept low profile activity. He was rare to give interview, especially after the Brexit situation. He involved in some negotiations related to government and conservative Party.

He became consultant in Illumina. Besides, he held several positions, such as Vice Chair in UK china Fund and Registered Member for Washington Speaker Bureau.

Personal Life

David had brothers and sisters. His wife is Samantha Gwendoline, married in 1996. He has four children, and the first one was died due to health issue. He is much concern about his family, including taking leave when his daughter was born.

People know him as part of upper class family. David Cameron owns shared, states, and family heritance. He invests in several companies.

When Panama Paper was leaked, he sold some of his shares. In addition, he decided to step down from Prime Minister in order to prevent public opposition.

Legacy and Political View

Conservative Party has been major party in Parliament since long time ago. At early career, he worked in several party members that shaped his view.

After became Prime Minister, Cameron did many things that people looked as too much liberal. He legalized the same-marital legislation. He also involved in many changes in order to gained more liberation.

David Cameron called himself as modern compassionate conservative. He used a brand new style politic that makes Conservative more liberal. As opposition, he did not want to fight against government, but urged everyone to look for well-being and happiness.


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