4 Helpful Methods of Meditation for Anxiety (Powerful Tips)



Anxiety can happen to everyone. It has several forms such as social anxiety, sleep anxiety, anger, and panic attacks. Mostly, it comes when someone feels overwhelmed as there are many things to be done. It is something serious, so a meditation for anxiety is needed.

Meditation is one of the treatments besides medical treatments. There are some helpful suggestions to do meditation. Do it in routinely and feel the difference.

Meditation 1: Learn to ‘Breathe’


Doing a meditation means controlling the way to breathe. People with anxiety tend to find it difficult to do a meditation. Since they have plenty of things on their mind, it’s quite hard for them to focus. Therefore, they need to learn how to breathe.

In breathing for meditation, the focus lays on deep exhaling and inhaling. You need to feel how your stomach moves while breathing. Here are the tips to do it.

  • Go to a quiet place.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Ignore all disturbing things in mind and sound around you.
  • Play any calming instrumental music.

Meditation 2: Clear Your Mind

In doing a meditation, the most important thing is to focus and clear the mind. However, having a lot of thoughts doesn’t mean that you fail the meditation. A meditation for anxiety goes step by step. After you do it routinely, you will automatically find the way to clear your mind easily.

Clearing your mind is influenced by some factors. It’s true that it’s quite difficult to be done at first. If you can’t do anything to control your disturbing thoughts, you can mumble some words repeatedly. If a random thought comes, just ignore it and continue to say that words.

Meditation 3: Spend at Least 15 Minutes a Day

A meditation has been proved to relieve anxiety. You don’t need to spend a long time to do it. In a day, at least you need to have 15 minutes for it. In this private time, don’t let anything bother you. Whether they are tasks or any other things; just skip them for this short time.

After having a meditation several times, controlling your breath and focusing your thought will be easier. Then, you can add more frequencies in doing the meditation. In addition, thinking about the change you make after doing a meditation can also give positive effects to yourself.

Meditation 4: Make It into a Habit

Meditation poses

A meditation is not enough to be done once or twice. People with anxiety need to do it routinely. If practicing a deep breath is done regularly, the mind will be calmer eventually. That’s why a daily meditation is really important for those with a high possibility of anxiety.

Even though you have already felt the good effects of doing a meditation for anxiety, you still need to do it. For some people, skipping one day without meditation can make them feel anxious again. Well, in fact, controlling breath is good not only for those with anxiety, but also for everyone.

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