4 Relaxing and Mindfulness Exercises (Quick and Easy)


just breathe

These days, the world seems to move fast and everything change quickly. Our mind is steadily kept busy and our emotions are tested so many times which leave us feeling anxious and stressed. People then seek for mindfulness exercises to solve this problem.

Not all people have much spare time to relax their mind. Therefore, the list below summarizes some techniques that can be practiced quickly and it works amazingly.

Mindful Awareness

Mindfulness Exercises

This exercise heavily depends on sharpening our intuition and awareness about regular daily activities.

To start this exercise, try to think about something that you always do every day.

One example is opening a door. At the exact moment you hold the doorknob, stop for a while. Try to focus your mind and feel how your skin touches the knob. Feel and cherish the moment and imagine where the door will take you.

You can also do this exercise with any other activities, such as holding a phone. Take a moment to appreciate how your phone is working and let your brain process and comprehend the device.

Mindful Observation

The next mindfulness exercises are related to your surroundings. It tries to connect you with the beautiful nature.

People tend to rush and then miss the amazing nature around them. This exercise helps people to appreciate environment.

For one moment, try to focus on a natural object around you. It can be a flower, stone, rain droplets, or others. Don’t do any other things and simply just observe the object.

Consume and examine every part of the object. You can notice their texture or color. Allow yourself to be driven away by the object.

This exercise is so relaxing and you can feel yourself being connected to the nature beauty.

Mindful Listening

Mindful listening exercise shows us how to honor sounds around us, from the natural one until those that are produced by human. It trains your brain to accept all those sounds without prejudice affected by memories from past or prior knowledge.

Pick a song that you never hear before. You can find the song from streaming services or radios. Put your headphone and try to understand how the music is going.

It is hard to set aside your prejudice first. But forget about the label and be as neutral as possible. Ignore the title, artist, or genre and turn off your judgmental mind first.

After a while, you will be swayed by the music. Identify instruments they use, explore the dynamic, rhythm, and other components.

Mindful Breathing

just breathe

Just do the step below:

  • Put your body on a comfortable position. It can be done by sitting or lying on your back.
  • Take a breath slowly, and exhale it slowly too. One breathing cycle should last at least about six seconds.
  • Breathe in through nose and exhale it through mouth. Make your breathing as effortless as possible and don’t think too much about it
  • Close this step of mindfulness exercises by relaxing your mind and try to not think about what burdens you lately. Let your troubles released from your body through the breath.

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