5+ Recommended Minimalist Shelving Ideas


minimalist empty shelves

For long time, wall shelves have become the best solution to save space.

While you can no longer place your stuff horizontally, this is the time to go vertically.

Time goes by and shelves designs are getting more various.

One of shelving designs that can be taken into account is minimalist shelving.

Coming with simple models, this idea is just perfect for any interior concept.

Not only does the design vary, the materials also come in wider choices.

While wooden shelves are too conventional, opting for metal or iron shelves will give refreshment to your interior look.

At the time you are looking for unique ideas for wall shelving, the following recommendations will blow your mind.

Get ready to be inspired!

5 Recommended Minimalist Shelving Ideas

1. Wall mounted wall shelving

This wall shelving comes in simple design.

The laminated finish creates glossy look, making it a suitable decoration for your wall.

Not to mention it also becomes a suitable place to store your collectibles or books.

You can make tiers with different length of shelves.

The shelving system is easy to install and is effective to be the focal point of any room.

2. Minimalist standing shelves

You do not want to make more holes on the wall? Standing shelves are surely for you.

Made from the combination of metal legs and wood, the rack can accommodate any collections, both in big and small sizes.

The minimalist shelving is great to be located in the corner, thus every inch of your room can be used.

3. Wall mounted modular shelving

minimalist bathroom shelves


This combines modern and minimalist concept in a shelving system.

Coming with edgy design, the shelves will be a great complement for modern or contemporary interior.

Not to mention this wall mounted shelving is also useful to store your collectibles.

4. Creative bookshelves

minimalist bedroom shelves


Bookworm must have piles of book collections.

How do you manage those books?

The following creative bookshelves provides you a solution, with white finish that blends with clean white wall.

The open shelves come in simple design, which matches perfectly without minimalist interior.

The bookshelves will be an awesome addition for bedroom or even living room.

To evoke more modern nuance, do not forget to choose modular chair or kursi to blend with the shelves.

5. Teak wall shelf

minimalist shelves design


In case value becomes your priority, teak wall shelf will be an option that you should not miss.

This teak shelf provides not only function but also beauty to your room.

The vertical design allows you to place books or collectibles with ease.

The material is so sturdy and long lasting.

It can even be a valuable heritage for your children.

Mount together with painting or attractive graphics to evoke its decorative look.

Wall mount shelving in minimalist design looks impressive to decorate your interior.

With plenty of models and designs, you can choose the right shelving design with your interior concept.

Do you wish to have more references?

Please visit https://www.thespruce.com/ and get more inspirations for minimalist and unique wall shelving.

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