Resignation Letter for Medical Reasons



Writing a resignation letter due to illness can be overwhelming.

In one side, you have an emotional conflict within yourself because you love the job.

On the other hand, you cannot stay because of current health condition.

Proper resignation letter for medical reasons is what you need to quit the job and leave graciously, so that you give them last best impression.

Generally, this kind of letter is quite similar with the other resignation letters.

The only aspect that differ with others is your reason to leave the job.

In the intention section, you need to mention that medical condition is the only reason that forces you to write this letter.

This is the safest way so that your employer will not ask further question related to the resignation.

Things to Consider When Writing Resignation Letter for Medical Reasons

When writing resignation letter, there are some important aspects to consider.

Aside from fulfilling the elements, making your letter as clear as possible is also required.

Here are few things to consider when you plan to write a resignation letter because of medical reasons.

1. Make sure to state your end date

The most common mistake made by employee when writing a resignation letter is not mentioning the end date.

This is actually confusing for employer because they do not have any idea when you plan to quit from the job.

Thus, in the introduction section, always remember to mention your end date.

Furthermore, make sure you send the letter at least 2 weeks prior to your end date.

However, sometimes you cannot wait for the next two weeks because of severe illness you are suffering from.

In this case, convince your employer by attaching medical certificate mentioning that you are incapable of continuing the work and you have to quit as soon as possible.

If so, see the format and template of resignation letter samples from the internet.

2. State medical reason in detail or not

Sometimes you have certain medical reason and you want to keep it private.

How to write the resignation letter then? There is no obligation to mention your medical reason in detail.

It is totally your personal right to keep it private.

Thus, simply write that you have problem with health that insists you to quit from the job.

However, sometimes some company requires you to enclose the medical certificate as an evidence.

3. See chance of leave

Sumber Gambar:

Rather than writing resignation letter for medical reasons, you may consider taking a leave.

Especially if your medical condition is not permanent, it means you have a chance to go back to work in the future.

Therefore, check out your company rules and see if there is a chance to leave without resigning from the job.

Many things need to be considered when you are writing a resignation letter.

As this is part of business letter, you are required to make it professionally.

If you do not have any idea, grab some inspirations and samples from (sadly, this isn’t english blog).

There you can find a lot of resignation letter samples and template with any reasons, including medical reasons.

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